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A gift from nature at your service

Aevissa is a brand name of Swiss Alternative Medicine’s therapeutic products for sustainable health and a better life. Aevissa products are based on a unique art of compounding using innovative and natural solutions.

Our product compositions are inspired by traditional teachings of Persian medical masters, such as Avicenna and Razi, combined with the latest modern medical research and development.

The Persian Traditional Medicine (PTM) focuses on well-being and disease prevention. From the viewpoint of PTM, the human body is composed of four groups of substance natures called temperaments (i.e. hot, cold, dry, and moist). Depending on the quantity of each temperament, the human body shows a dominant quality of one or combination of these four groups.


Balance between these groups of temperaments will determine our emotional and physical states. Changes in the quantity or quality of each temperament could cause important physiological and functional perturbations manifesting as an acute or chronic disease.

True to SAM’s approach to holistic, ethical, and sustainable health, and aligned with our modern needs, Aevissa products focus on restoring balance and well-being of individuals. Our worldwide knowledgeable medical and pharmaceutical pool of experts ensures high efficiency and unique quality of our new brand by choosing the purest natural active ingredients and implementing strict Swiss standard quality control procedures.