roshana where are you going?

        Sustainable healthcare and well-being have become a global concern and major challenge in our modern society while facing global climate problems, poverty, and pollution. The focus of health is our mental and physical wellbeing which are in turn influenced by the environment, lifestyle and social interaction of our modern societies.

        As the worldwide burden of chronic disease continues to rise, disease prevention and health promotion become increasingly important public health measures. While facing unresolved methods of patient care, we need ultimately to create a comprehensive new approach to healthcare specially for chronic diseases. This will call for a paradigm shift in our health system.

        The development of personal responsibility and patient autonomy are essential constituents of health. Today, lack of proper health information has restrained individuals in their abilities of decision-making. Improving health literacy has a positive impact on sustainable health.

        SAM aims to address global health challenges by raising public awareness on preventive measures, providing education for different ages, and proposing a systematic way to identify appropriate treatment according to the patient’s individual needs.

        “Roshana, where are you going?” is the tale of all women dealing with challenges in their daily lives. Roshana’s story resonates with many women where their physical and mental well-being are directly linked to the well-being of their families and societies.

        By telling you her story, we hear how she becomes the expression of a free thinker who seeks harmony and peace through alternative approaches to health and wellness.

        Roshana’s podcast is brought to you by Geneva-based Swiss Alternative Medicine and is produced by Parsam, its team in Iran.

Roshana’s Team A-Z 

        Nazi Bakhshayesh Harp 

        Behnam Omran Music composer 

        Giti Safarzadeh Author 

        Sogand Sedighi Graphic Artist 

        Roshanak Shahran Project manager

        Nasim Shangarffam Translator and podcast narrator 

        Nooshin Zangeneh Coordinator