SAM comprises an international pool of experts in natural medicine and sustainable health program

Shima Sazegari

Shima Sazegari, CEO and Aevissa group co-founder

Graduated from the faculty of pharmacy at the University of Geneva, Shima Sazegari has been working as a pharmacist and integrative medicine consultant for more than 25 years in Geneva. During all these years, she has been interested and committed to the development of natural medicine in Switzerland and in Europe. Her area of interest and expertise stems from her years of practice and continues training with internationally recognized experts in various aspects of medicine such as functional medicine, homeopathy adapted to the vital sensation, herbal medicine in its expanded pharmaceutical application specially flower essences. Benefiting from her extensive experience and the desire to share her know-how and knowledge acquired during these long years, Shima Sazegari has developed a new concept of integrative medicine for health professionals.

Mitra Vaziri Zaim

Mitra Vaziri Zaim, SAM’s Education Program Consultant & Training Executive of WHIS Switzerland

Mitra Vaziri Zaim holds a strong background in the field of education and management, especially with children. Her management skills as well as many years of experience in training and teaching, combined with her interpersonal and self-driven networking skills, make her an experienced expert in communication and transmission of different educational programs. Mitra had been an active member of “Ecole de Danse Classique de Genève” for more than 15 years and had contributed to their public performance. Being trained on orchid essences brings added-value in her activities and approach to children. Mitra is in charge of SAM’s children and adult education program in collaboration with World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) such as WHISKids, [email protected], etc.

Layza Motola Dupuis

Layza Motola Dupuis, Marketing & Event Advisory

Graduated from hospitality management, Hotel Institute of Montreux, Switzerland Layza is a successful commercial executive well versed in intercultural business communication & practices, as well as work ethics combining Swiss discipline and education with oriental mind-set and cultures. She became at a young age the Country Manager of a South African leading paper company in charge of the Turkish market and successfully managed the local sales office for 13 years with a wide range of responsibilities in complex and competitive environments. In her field of activities, she fulfilled market intelligence, customer relationships, operational sales management, office management and strategic contribution tasks. Layza is currently an MBA candidate for International Organizations at the University of Geneva, Geneva School of Economics and Management, GSEM.

Foteini Karampela

Foteini Karampela, Communication, Publishing & Media Representative

Studied Data Science for Business Analytics in the Athens University of Economics and Business, she holds an Advanced Certificate in Corporate Finance from the University of Geneva as well as a Diploma of Communications and Social Media. She is a candidate for the Master Program in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy in the University of Geneva, as of October 2019. Foteini has multiple years of experience within the communications field, having held roles with the multinational company Allianz as well as in the Communication Department of International Organization of World Council of Churches, and the participation as a Communication Representative at Conferences and Charity Events under the United Nations frame of Geneva. Her self-driven networking skills combined with the expertise in International Communications, publications, planning and implementing International conferences, enhance her abilities to perform successfully. Foteini is also involved in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has developed multiple streams of activities on the UN Sustainable Development 2030 objectives successfully.

Marinela Lekka

Marinela Lekka, Marketing & Digital Strategy Advisor

Marinela Lekka has graduated Business Administration with Honors and performed her MSc studies in Biotechnology, Bioeconomy and Law. She is a current MBA candidate at University of Birmingham, as of June 2020. She is specialized in International Marketing, Digital Strategy and Communications, having an extended former experience in the fields of Biotechnology and Life Sciences at a multinational level. As a former prominent professional athlete, Marinela has a strong commitment to healthcare and well-being, having established and participated in numerous athletic and well-being initiatives internationally.

Marinela is actively involved in the International Marketing activities of Swiss Alternative Medicine and she is leading the Digital Strategy and Media department. Highly passionate about healthcare and innovation, she is constantly seeking for emerging innovative solutions on sustainable development and cross-channel organizational growth.

Mohammad Nami

Dr. Mohammad Nami, SAM’s Medical Advisor

Mohammad is a medical doctor and neuroscientist. He gained his medical specialty in neuroscience and his fellowship in sleep disorders. Not only is he among the university’s top-ranked scholars due to his numerous scientific articles and speeches presented in international congresses but also he has been recognized as a top-rated contributor to numerous international neuroscience events. During the past several years, he has led several Brain Awareness and Autism Multidisciplinary works, conducted workshops on Sleep Medicine/Sleep Neuroscience, and gained experience as corporate trainer in the field of professional development skills.

Dr. Nami is currently the Head of the Department of Neuroscience at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), the chief-editor of two international and interdisciplinary journals (JAMSAT, Neuroscience Research Letters), and the president of the Iranian Neuroscience Society, Fars Chapter. The Neuroscience Lab (NSL) at SUMS has been a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary studies where he and his associates deal with. He has been a Dale Carnegie’s alumnus since 2014 and yearns to gain further expertise in the field of organizational and leadership training. He is also passionate about the concept of “Neuro-leadership” and how human brain potentials drive his behavior as a leader to inspire others.  In addition to his scientific activities, he is an avid artist interested in traditional Iranian country music, especially singing.