SAM Comprehensive Health & Wellness Approach.

An integrative health approach for individualized care


An integrative health approach for individualized care

SAM Comprehensive Health & Wellness is a holistic approach to sustainable health and a better life. We believe that to restore a person’s general health, we must seek synergies and alignment across all therapies and aspects of health. Our approach is patient-centered and we provide tailored-made advice and treatment. SAM Comprehensive Health & Wellness Approach is a holistic concept of products and services that encompasses the following :

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The concept of SAM Comprehensive Health & Wellness is also an integrative approach which encompasses all institutions and health professionals such as pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health education center. Our goal is to provide individualized solutions and tools, using essentially natural products such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine and nutrition as well as natural healing techniques such as acupuncture, osteopathy; bio resonance, etc.

SAM provide assistance to create or transform

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Your pharmacy as a place for specialized advice in natural medicine.

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Your laboratory to be a reference in innovation and performance with the highest quality.

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Your clinic to an integrative medical center with an individualized and patient-centered care approach.

Whether you are an established pharmacy, laboratory or clinic or you are looking to create a new one, SAM can assist you in your project. Working together, we offer you our expertise on the best strategy to adopt for patient management care and the use of natural products as well as how to create and implement an integrative medical approach within your establishment. Let us know what your needs are at [email protected]