Our miraculous brain is composed of over 100 billion neurons, yet what is more astonishing is the scale of neural communication and data transfer among these neurons putting together reality for us.

Our brain function needs to be well maintained otherwise, mental illnesses and cognitive deficits can start to emerge. Thankfully, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience approaches, from mainstream and alternative sources, have more recently been combining their efforts to find solutions to many neurobehavioral conditions.

Inclusive Brain Health - IBH

Inclusive Brain Health- IBH was born from our desire to make education, research, and wellness more accessible to everyone. It is our intention to contribute positively to people’s lives on an individual level, and over time, on a global level. We are a group of professionals from diverse fields with a variety of roles, including educators, practitioners, and researchers. The integration of our areas of expertise allows us a much more complete understanding of wellness and how to help people attain it, thus amplifying our ability to make it happen.

Our vision is a wholistic one. We view ourselves, as multi-dimensional beings shaped by an intricate network of systems: physiological, neurological, emotional/affective, psychological, relational, environmental, genetic, etc. To us, the closer we understand a person in their entirety, the better our ability to offer precise, efficient, and well-rounded support, information and care.

At IBH, as a multidisciplinary team, a focus is to share insights and provide resources for the sustainability of brain health. We trust that would be worthwhile to share the idea with mental health care professionals and those who are actively involved in the field of traditional, alternative and complementary mental health practice.


Shima Sazegari

Shima Sazegari Pharm D

Dr. Farshad Nasaraghaie

Dr. Farshad Nazaraghaei

Dr. Corey Emerick

Dr. Corey Emerick

Dr. Mohammad Nami

Dr. Mohammad Nami

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