Shima Sazegari

Homeopath & Nutritionist

A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Geneva, Shima Sazegari has worked as a pharmacist and consultant in integrative medicine for more than 25 years in Geneva. During all these years, she was interested and committed to the development of natural medicine in Switzerland and in Europe.
Her areas of expertise come from her years of practice and continuing education with internationally recognized experts in fields such as functional medicine, homeopathy based on the vital sensation method, herbal medicine in its extended pharmaceutical application in in particular orchid essences – LTOE and the application of the Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology-TEK. Benefiting from her vast experience, she now offers in her therapeutic practice, individualized solutions adapted to each of her patients.

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    Shima Sazegari 
    Private consultation

    6, Cours de Rive
    CH – 1204 Genève

    + 41 (0)78 663 78 87
    [email protected]


    Business hours

    Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00

    Saturday – Sunday Closed