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Floral essences

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Our selection of LIving Tree Orchid Essences (LTOE) among single & combination essences

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Single essences

  • Andean Fire

    Courage to overcome fear and traumatic situations

  • Angelic Canopy

    Provides comfort and ease during sadness, panic and despair

  • Being in Time

    Helps you adjust to the time zone and stay in focus

  • Boundless Peace

    Enables to relax after mental stress manifests as tension on frontal side of head

  • Blue Angel

    Removes the imprint of childhood abuse and abandonment

  • Carnival

    Brings joy and lightness to people who are overly intellectual and forget to connect to their bodies

  • Clear Mind

    Provides peace of mind and clarity of perception and reflection

  • Clearing the Way/Self Belief

    Strengthens self-confidence and ability to move forward with projects and goals

  • Compassionate Heart

    Allows the heart to open to compassion

  • Core of Being

    To refocus and calm down

  • Defender from the Dark

    Protection against all dark forces

  • Direct Vision

    Clarifies one's vision and enables one to achieve specific goals

  • Fruits of Love

    Nurtures creativity and its realization

  • Healing the Higher Heart

    Relieves emotional blockage and provides support in case of separation or death

  • Hive of Heaven

    A yang-type orchid whose action starts in the head and penetrates the entire brain, heart, and body as far as the 1st chakra

  • Just Me

    Celebrating your own personality without the influence of others, and caring for yourself

  • Liberation/Deception

    Helps to recognise and avoid self-deception; clarifies rigid thinking

  • Life Direction (Lanata)

    Know how to make the right choices

  • Love’s Gift

    Opens your heart to universal love

  • Love's Secret

    Nourishes romantic love between two people

  • Mercutio

    Brings ease to speech while reducing the tension and the solemnity

  • Messenger of the Heart

    Give voice to emotions and speak your truth

  • Narnia Sphagnum Moss

    Adjust to the spirit of nature and works at cellular energy level

  • Necklace of Beauty

    Brings a lovingly positive energy and allows one to feel elated, loved and at peace

  • New Vitality

    Sets one free from long-term state of exhaustion

  • Night Soul

    Move from despair to hope

  • Positive Outcome

    For those with unresolved issues

  • Protective Presence

    Provides protection when travelling in unsafe places and reassures children who are away from their parents

  • Purity of Heart

    Resolves stress caused by lack of time

  • Renewing Life

    Strengthens cellular health and regenerates damaged tissues

  • Sacral Release

    Relieves pelvic tension during menstrual pain

  • Settling with a Smile

    Brings calm and helps digestion

  • Shadow Warrior

    An extraordinary yang-type orchid cleanses our inner vision and interrupts negative interaction with the shadow

  • Silver’s Ghost

    Protects the psyche against frequent attacks from negative forces

  • Soul’s Grief Release

    For long-term sadness whose source is unknown

  • Unconditional Snuggles

    Brings gentle comfort and recommended for children during nightmares

  • Unicorn (Invincible Focus)

    Brings focus, helps one to stay committed and not be distracted

  • Unconditional Love

    Provides the desire to love and be loved

  • Voice of Courage

    Gives strength and courage to move forward and overcome negative archetypes

  • Walking to the Earth's Rhythm

    Allows one to be in tune with the earth and walk in harmony

  • White Beauty

    Enveloped in unconditional love like that of motherly love

  • Winged Gold

    Helps one to follow one's true path and awakens the imagination

  • Winged Messenger

    Brings joy to the heart

  • Wisdom of Compassion

    Brings a sense of joy, optimism, and compassion for human beings

Combination essences

  • Active Serenity

    Stops panic and fears, allows one to have a calm and clear head to prioritize

  • Being Present

    Allows settling down calmly and peacefully on arrival

  • Clearing and Releasing

    Cleans and purifies negative and dark energies

  • Coming Home

    Removes sadness related to old experiences

  • Double Espresso

    Gives your day a boost, just like the effect of coffee

  • Energy Matrix Protection

    Protection against electrical waves, radiotherapy, x-rays, etc.

  • Fruits of Courage

    To find courage deep inside to deal with life

  • Gentle Geisha

    Helps to relax and unwind at the end of the day

  • Gentle Sleep

    For quiet, relaxing and peaceful sleep. Recommended for children who have trouble getting to sleep

  • Healing the Hidden (Heyoka)

    Allows one to break free from old emotions which distort the one's reality

  • Just Centre

    Awareness of the deep sense of self-esteem in different levels of existence

  • Life Cycle Renewal

    Helps against hot flushes and menopausal syndromes

  • Love Beyond Love

    Helps those who feel unloved, unwanted or abandoned

  • Memory Enhancer

    For those who need to enhance their memory

  • Party Time

    Celebrate life with joy and laughter!

  • Positive Flow

    Engage in projects positively, without being hampered by the unease of others

  • Revelation

    Allows you to accept help to make progress in projects. Get up and go!

  • Revitalise

    Removes the fatigue associated with guilt and renews joy

  • Self-Renewal

    Fills the void created by the loss of a loved one or a strong attachment

  • Serene Power

    Fatigue emanating from other energies that are draining

  • Sleep of Peace

    Soothes the mind to enable you to sleep better and is suitable for children who are afraid to sleep alone

  • Solus

    For single child and sense of solitude

  • Soul’s Balm

    Following an injury or (suicidal) depression. Helps to regain a zest for life

  • Vital Lift

    Brings joy to the heart