Our selection of Living Tree Orchid Essences (LTOE) among single & combination essences

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Drops 15 ml        €20.50              Oral Spray 30 ml     €23.50

Granules 12 g      €20.50             Aura Spray 50 ml    €25.50

Les unitaires


Andean Fire

Courage to overcome fear and traumatic situations

Angelic Canopy

Provides comfort and ease during sadness, panic and despair

Being in Time

Helps you adjust to the time zone and stay in focus

Boundless Peace

Enables to relax after mental stress manifests as tension on frontal side of head

Blue Angel

Removes the imprint of childhood abuse and abandonment


Brings joy and lightness to people who are overly intellectual and forget to connect to their bodies

Clear Mind

Provides peace of mind and clarity of perception and reflection

Clearing the Way/Self Belief

Strengthens self-confidence and ability to move forward with projects and goals

Compassionate Heart

Allows the heart to open to compassion

Core of Being

To refocus and calm down

Defender from the Dark

Protection against all dark forces

Direct Vision

Clarifies one’s vision and enables one to achieve specific goals

Fruits of Love

Nurtures creativity and its realization

Healing the Higher Heart

Relieves emotional blockage and provides support in case of separation or death

Hive of Heaven

A yang-type orchid whose action starts in the head and penetrates the entire brain, heart, and body as far as the 1st chakra

Just Me

Celebrating your own personality without the influence of others, and caring for yourself


Helps to recognise and avoid self-deception; clarifies rigid thinking

Life Direction (Lanata)

Know how to make the right choices

Love’s Gift

Opens your heart to universal love

Love’s Secret

Nourishes romantic love between two people


Brings ease to speech while reducing the tension and the solemnity

Messenger of the Heart

Give voice to emotions and speak your truth

Narnia Sphagnum Moss

Adjust to the spirit of nature and works at cellular energy level

Necklace of Beauty

Brings a lovingly positive energy and allows one to feel elated, loved and at peace

New Vitality

Sets one free from long-term state of exhaustion

Night Soul

Move from despair to hope

Positive Outcome

For those with unresolved issues

Protective Presence

Provides protection when travelling in unsafe places and reassures children who are away from their parents

Purity of Heart

Resolves stress caused by lack of time

Renewing Life

Strengthens cellular health and regenerates damaged tissues

Sacral Release

Relieves pelvic tension during menstrual pain

Settling with a Smile

Brings calm and helps digestion

Shadow Warrior

An extraordinary yang-type orchid cleanses our inner vision and interrupts negative interaction with the shadow

Silver’s Ghost

Protects the psyche against frequent attacks from negative forces

Soul’s Grief Release

For long-term sadness whose source is unknown

Unconditional Snuggles

Brings gentle comfort and recommended for children during nightmares

Unicorn (Invincible Focus)

Brings focus, helps one to stay committed and not be distracted

Unconditional Love

Provides the desire to love and be loved

Voice of Courage

Gives strength and courage to move forward and overcome negative archetypes

Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm

Allows one to be in tune with the earth and walk in harmony

White Beauty

Enveloped in unconditional love like that of motherly love

Winged Gold

Helps one to follow one’s true path and awakens the imagination

Winged Messenger

Brings joy to the heart

Wisdom of Compassion

Brings a sense of joy, optimism, and compassion for human beings

Les complexes


Active Serenity

Stops panic and fears, allows one to have a calm and clear head to prioritize

Being Present

Allows settling down calmly and peacefully on arrival

Clearing and Releasing

Cleans and purifies negative and dark energies

Coming Home

Removes sadness related to old experiences

Double Espresso

Gives your day a boost, just like the effect of coffee

Energy Matrix Protection

Protection against electrical waves, radiotherapy, x-rays, etc.

Fruits of Courage

To find courage deep inside to deal with life

Gentle Geisha

Helps to relax and unwind at the end of the day

Gentle Sleep

For quiet, relaxing and peaceful sleep. Recommended for children who have trouble getting to sleep

Healing the Hidden (Heyoka)

Allows one to break free from old emotions which distort the one’s reality

Just Centre

Awareness of the deep sense of self-esteem in different levels of existence

Life Cycle Renewal

Helps against hot flushes and menopausal syndromes

Love Beyond Love

Helps those who feel unloved, unwanted or abandoned

Memory Enhancer

For those who need to enhance their memory

Party Time

Celebrate life with joy and laughter!

Positive Flow

Engage in projects positively, without being hampered by the unease of others


Allows you to accept help to make progress in projects. Get up and go!


Removes the fatigue associated with guilt and renews joy


Fills the void created by the loss of a loved one or a strong attachment

Serene Power

Fatigue emanating from other energies that are draining

Sleep of Peace

Soothes the mind to enable you to sleep better and is suitable for children who are afraid to sleep alone


For single child and sense of solitude

Soul’s Balm

Following an injury or (suicidal) depression. Helps to regain a zest for life

Vital Lift

Brings joy to the heart