For an ethical and sustainable global health & a better life for all

SAM Comprehensive Health & Wellness Approach

An integrative health approach for individualized care

Comprehensive Health & Wellness concept is SAM’s holistic approach to sustainable health. We bring expertise and experts together to provide top advisory services to healthcare professionals and policy-makers to enable them to rethink their national healthcare systems ethically and sustainably. Our methodology is patient-centered and tailored for each individual using multidisciplinary approach and proven techniques in natural medicine. It is designed so as to create the best synergies to restore one's health and to achieve excellent salutogenic outcomes. 

SAM’s Comprehensive Health & Wellness Approach is a product-and-service concept which encompasses the following categories:

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SAM brings together all healthcare professionals and facilities such as pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, laboratories, and health education centers to provide a sustainable solution for the application of natural treatments with an emphasis on salutogenesis and ethical health. Our goal is to offer individualized treatment and tools using naturopathic remedies including phytotherapy, homeopathy, and nutritional supplements; as well as practices and healing techniques such as acupuncture, osteopathy, bio-resonance, etc.